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Medical Tourism

Health Vista Medical Tourism Agency

Medical Devices

Providing medical devices in the Middle East

Medical Licensing

Doctor, your job dreams will become truth in Emirates

Health Vista Medical Tourism Agency

Medical treatment services in The Middle East

Health Vista Emirates is actively engaged in the field of medical tourism, offering a range of services to individuals seeking medical treatments abroad.
Health Vista's dedication to providing comprehensive services ensures that patients seeking medical treatments abroad have a well-organized and supportive experience, making the process more manageable and less daunting.


medical equipment

Providing medical devices in The Middle East

Health Vista provides reliable and cost-efficient medical equipment to hospitals and clinics not only in United Arabs Emirates but also in the Middle East as well as central Asien countries.

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Our Medical Travel Services

«Health Vista» services include medical examination, diagnosis and treatment in best healthcare centers in the Middle East under supervision of best doctors of the world. It also include the services related to obtaining visa and residence, accommodation, transfer and tourism services and visiting attractive venues.

find your job in Emirates

Doctor, your job dreams will become truth in UAE

Health Vista helps high-caliber well-trained physicians find their decent job at the best hospitals in UAE.

  • 01Medical Professional Licensing
  • 02Residency Visa
  • 03Emirates ID card
  • 04Residency status for your spouse and children

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frequently Asked Question

It depends on your situation, training and background. However on average the process can take up from 4 to 6 months or even more due to the variances of training systems and documentation requirements of different countries, translation issues and assessment booking.

It is not logical to guarantee securing work for any healthcare professional that we work with, but we only encourage doctors and nurses to work with us if  there is a serious chance that they will succeed in securing a work opportunity in Dubai

There are certain specialties of doctors and nurses that are always needed and difficult to find in Dubai, so as your expert adviser these are the professionals we aim to focus on attracting and encouraging you to work with us.

There is no set salary scale   in Dubai, so all salaries are negotiated on an individual basis. However we can give you an idea .Working hours will be 45 – 48 hours a week over 5 or 6 days.



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